Forget all website page builders.

Fast loading and clean wordpress websites with (core-based) gutenberg editor!

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Gutenberg will evolve into a full-functioning page builder soon

Gutenberg has three planned stages. The first, aimed for inclusion in WordPress 5.0, focuses on the post editing experience and the implementation of blocks. This initial phase focuses on a content-first approach. … These foundational elements will pave the way for stages two and three, planned for the next year, to go beyond the post into page templates and ultimately, full site customization.
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Do the question is, why do you still use a separate page builder like elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin Builder? You might already experience performance and update issues with these builders, right? There is a future-save solution to this: convert your site to the Gutenberg block editor along with a very lightweight theme. We can help you with this!

3 steps to convert your website to Gutenberg

Get a quote

We look at your website and estimate the amount of work needed ro convert your website.


If you are ok with our quote, simply sign the order, attached to the quote. We will copy your site and start working.

Get Files

Download the files and database and launch your new website.

Get your free quote

How we MANUALLY do the transformation

The task of transforming the backend of wordpress from a page builder to gutenberg can only(!) be done by manual work without any automatism. Yes, it is a full redesign of your website!

Copy site

We copy your website by provided files and database and set it up on our server to work on it.

Setup Theme

We might need to switch themes to get a similar design. Then, we install needed plugins to achieve the same functionality.

Adjust CSS

We do css adjustments to the layout in order to possibly achieve the exact same look and design.

Page by Page

We replicate the whole site, page by page with Gutenberg page builder.

Showcase of our works

Why use Gutenberg instead of other page builders?

So, you have chosen wordpress as your preferred free cms for your website – a good choice considering that 38% of all websites use it. However, for designing your website, there are numerous themes and page builders (mostly as plugins) available, both free and paid.

Ok, page builders such as elementor, beaver builder, visual composer, motopress, themify builder, siteorigin or brizy make it easy to design with total freedom and no design limits even for non-professional webdesigners. When there was no wordpress Gutenberg a few years ago, design options with themes and plugins have indeed been limited. However, this has changed significantly with every new Gutenberg update. The combination of a wordpress theme with the Gutenberg page builder meanwhile does set very few limits to layout and page designs.

Website builder tools disadvantages

Considerung the functionality options of Gutenberg and wordpress themes, page builders are rarely needed to create webdesigns of choice. Moreover, there are even concrete drawbacks when you use one of the mentioned builders as a plugin:

page builder are not compatibel to each other. Once you have committed to one builder, you need to stick to it.
they are heavy in code and attribute to slow loading times
page builders usually produce complex code additionally slowing down page speed thus seo performance
complex code can easily produce bugs and errors that can hardly be resolved
a lot of up-front configuration is needed
software incompatibilities with the (core-based) wordpress gutenberg editor is common
handling of page changes and doing updates is significantly slower than in Gutenberg
page builders usually require fee-based monthly plans to use their full functionality

Advantages of Gutenberg as a page builder

Gutenberg is part of the core of wordpress, thus enabling best performance and handling
incompatibilies with themes and plugins are almost non-existent
its functionality and handling is constantly improved with every wordpress update
produced code is less complex, so bugs are very rare and page speed is fast
missing functionality (if there is still) can be replaced by lightweight gutenberg block plugins
absolutely free (and will stay free)

To sum up, Gutenberg in combination with modern themes are almost as flexible as the mentioned page builders but provide many advantages both for the user, webmaster and website owner.


What a difference!

Out site loads much faster, both in the frontend and backend. Also, updates are no nightmare anymore 🙂 What a great service, a big thank you!
Sophia Reill
CEO Transalp Services

Easy to use

Gutenberg is indeed much easier to use as a webadmin, thanks so much for all your precious work! It saves us constantly time and traffic has gone up significantly, thank you.
Philip Anquist
Food Services

Finally Updates!

Our site has been so bulky that changes were almost impossible. Thx to Ramon and his team, this is all history, a great thank you!
Thomas Terbeck
CEO International Education Network GmbH & Co KG

FAQs to builder2gutenberg

Do you use automatic processes to generate Gutenberg page layouts?

No, there is no way to do so. We have to build page by page with standardized Gutenberg blocks, maybe some additional blocks from gutenberg plugins, that enhance styles

Is it better to use Gutenberg page builder than other page builders?

Absolutely, because there are much less incompatibilities, much higher page speed, easier and quicker backend handling, less bulky coding, less bugs and last but not least, no cost involved.

Does my site look different when it is transformed to Gutenberg page builder?

Yes, it might look slightly different because Gutenberg, Theme and CSS adjustments might only get it to 95% of your design before. But we will make sure, it looks all very good. It might even look more professional than before because we use standardized Gutenberg blocks instead of several individual designs of each page.

What page builders can you transform into Gutenberg block page builder?

We are able to transform almost all websites that have been designed with the following builders: elementor page builder, beaverbuilder, Visual Composer, divi, brizy and many more. There is hardly a limit because we manually copy text and pictures into the new Gutenberg blocks.

Why don´t you have prices on your website?

Simply because we need to look at your website to determine how difficult it is to rebuild it with Gutenberg. Since we have to rebuild page by page, it is more expensive if you have more pages that need to be transformed. However, please be assured that our prices are very competitive to webdesigners because we already have the desired layout at hand and our team is very skilled with wordpress, css and Gutenberg.

How long does it take to transform my website?

It really depends on the complexity of design and content, because the amount of work determines the time, needed to finish the transformation.

Do you recommend your service for every webmaster?

We indeed recommend to transform every website to Gutenberg, because of the many advantages Gutenberg offers over other page builders. However, there might be reasons such as trained personel and a high amount of work might suggest that switching is too costy.


Be sure how much cost is involved! We will need to look at your website from the frontend and backend to see how much work it will be to convert your used page-builder into Gutenberg. We need to look at the setup of your site as well as at the depth of information in order to make you a quote that you can trust!

You can be sure that the data will be handeled with care and only for our investigation. Please be sure to create a wordpress user for us with no administration rights.

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